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SCF.ie is a €100 million supply chain fund designed to bring working capital liquidity to Ireland's construction and contracting industry.
Maximise your market credit. Buy better. And turn your subbies & suppliers into supporters.
Robust supply chains are vital for secure growth. If one part breaks the consequences ricochet to the top. As chains become more extended growth pressure increases. Securing the best trades becomes more difficult. Costs increase and the chances of a break are amplified.
Cash is the glue that holds it together.

A Canvas for a


Supply Chain

How it Works

Credit Envelope

As a lead contractor you may already have received an offer of a credit envelope from us. If not you can request one. To qualify you'll need a stable credit record and we may ask you for your latest management accounts.

Network Your Subcontractors

Invite your preferred subcontractors to join your SCF.ie network of suppliers for your next contract.

Renegotiate their pricing on the basis that they'll be paid cash.

Payment Claim Notice

Your subcontractor submits their PCN or invoice at the end of each stage, normally day 30 to 35,via SCF.ie attaching a copy of whichever documents you require.

The digital document package will be directed to your key contact, project manager and/or quantity surveyor.

Same Day Payment

Your subcontractors will be paid in full by SCF.ie the same day as you confirm, without recourse, as though you had paid them.

And in turn they'll be able to pay their subcontractors and suppliers early.

Confirmation & QS

You should aim to confirm your subcontractor's PCN within 5 days. If there's an error, SCF.ie has a portal to notify your subcontractor directly without delay. Once you're happy, you can confirm the PCN for immediate payment using a one-time digital signature.

Any subsequent dispute should be addressed with your subcontractor, on their next PCN.

Settlement & Next Stage

As the lead contractor you decide the date you will settle with SCF.ie, up to 90 days after PCN. Remember you've agreed to settle in full with SCF.ie, and any dispute you may have with your subcontractor must be addressed with them on their next PCN.

The envelope is replenished and the process starts again...


Each time you use SCF.ie there’s a small one time discount for cash, credit insurance and bank charges. The amount depends on the payment term and risk weighting.​

It’s pay as you go. You can stop whenever you wish with no additional fees.

There are no set-up fees, minimum charges, or hidden costs. Costs are shared throughout the supply chain and so are more than offset by the savings and benefits you will enjoy.

Small Print

Each PCN or invoice comes with a separate 2-page digital contract written in simple English. When you agree, you sign with a one-time digital signature, or you can batch approve. There's no overriding commitment. So if you decide to stop, you can, without notice.

No security either corporate or personal is required.

Because SCF.ie is a cash solution it won't affect any existing banking arrangements. As the lead contractor, you continue to treat the amount as a trade creditor. And your subcontractor accounts as though he'd been paid by you.

Benefits, Savings


As a lead contractor paying cash you will –


  • Recruit and retain your preferred trades

  • Buy more efficiently and reduce overall costs

  • Compete more effectively for new contracts

  • Execute contracts with fewer disputes

  • Mitigate the chance of a break in your supply chain

  • Be respected as an organisation that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility, exceeding the expectations of the Construction Contracts Act 

As a preferred subcontractor you can –


  • Take on major contracts without a huge debt burden

  • Get paid cash when your PCN is agreed

  • Be part of a collaborative contracting team that competes more effectively for new contracts

  • Execute contracts with fewer disputes

  • Zero your risk of late or non-payment

  • Buy better, reducing your costs

  • Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

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